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Chicken Wrap (Available till 3 pm)
Spicy chicken tenderloin, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, salsa & fries.
Chicken Burger
Mango , chilli plus lime salsa, swiss cheess plus greens with beer battered chips.
Chicken Pamigiana
Crumbed chicken topped mozzarella and nap sauce served with fries and caponata.
$ 29.00
Veal Pamigiana
Crumbed veal topped mozzarella and nap sauce served with spaghetti and salad.
Pollo Alla Griglia 
Grilled marinated half chicken served with caponata and salad.
Pesce dell’ Osteria
Pan fried Barramundi, lemon butter, garden salad & sweet  potato mash.
Pollo Excellence
Chargrilled chicken breast with prawn & scallops and mussels served with green pepper corn And brandy cream sauce & potato.


Piccante Chicken Salad [GF]
Marinated Cajun chicken, garden salad, fetta & olives, sweet chilli and balsamic vinaigrette
Lamb  Salad [GF]
Marinated lamb, Spinach, fetta, sweet potatoes, Orange, dressing with yogurt and  balsamic glaze.
Osteria  Salad [GF]
Garden salad with avocado in our own dressing.
Greek Salad [GF]
Cucumber, onion, tomato, feta cheese, olives, with our own Greek dressing.
Prawn & Squid Salad [GF]
Served with garden salad, coriander & lime dressing.
Thai Beef Salad
Black angus scotch fillet,roast pine nuts, onion, tomato,cucumber, bell pepper and garden salad



Pepper Steak [GF]
300 g Black Angus scotch fillet, with prawns, scallops, mussels, champagne cream sauce and served with  mash.
Fillet STEAK [GF]
Eye Fillet 200 g with jacket potatoes and broccolini.
Osteria Duet [GF]
Fillet steak with mushroom sauce and chicken breast  with champagne cream sauce served with broccolini.
BBQ Pork Ribs [GF]
Sticky spicy bourbon glazed pork ribs served with chips.


Spaghetti Pescatora [V]
Seafood and shellfish with light tomato and basil sugo.
Gnocchi DI Patate
Potato dumplings with pancetta and gorgonzola.
Spinach Ricotta Ravioli [V]
Spinach Ricotta filled radivi with Napolitana sauce.
Seafood Risotto [V]
Arborio rice, Napolitana sauce with fine selection of seasonal seafood cooked in white wine.
Linguine [V]
Bacon, prawns, onion, mushroom and pepper tossed in EVOO with a hint of garlic & chilli.
Duck fillet pasta leek and porcini mushroom sauce.
Pasta layers with beef ragu and mozzarella, Served with garden salad.
Fettuccine Delicate  

Fettuccine pasta , prawn, scallops, mussels and snow peas in white wine creamy sauce.

Traditional Bolognese

Wagyu Beef & pork mince with spaghetti in Napolitana sauce


Caffe (Coffee)

Short black (espresso) $4.00
Long Black $5.00
Flat White $5.00
Double Espresso $6.00
Cappuccino $5.00
Latte $5.00
Short macchiato $4.00
Long macchiato $6.00
Irish/liquor coffee $9.50
Tea $4.00
Mocha $5.00


Garden Salad $6.00
Steam Vegetable $6.00
Fries $6.00

Osteria style ratatouille

Piselli Saltati 

Sauteed peas with onion and sage.



Carborana $13.00
Gnochhi $13.00
Bolognese $13.00


Garlic Bread (2 slices) $5.00
Home Made Fresh Bread (2 pieces)  $4.00
Buffalo Wings

Marinated chicken wings in our own spicy sauce, blue cheese fondue,celery and jalapenos.

Tomato, basil, onion, EVOO, ciabatta.
Calamari Fritti [GF]
Lightly fried with lemon aioli
Gamberi All’ Glio [GF]
Butter garlic prawns (or chilli & garlic in Napolitana sauce)
Salsiccia Alla Griglia & Chorizo
Chargrilled Italian sausage & chorizo with fetta & warm olives
Chilli Mussels [GF]
With wine, Napolitana sauce, garlic, chilli
Antipasto Misto
Tasting plate of mix grilled vegies, olives and fetta cheese, artichokes, prosciutto.
Osteria Tasting Plate
Buffalo wings , calamari fritti, salsiccia alla griglia, fetta and olives


Margherita Pizza $18.00
Piccante chicken and fetta pizza $22.00
Pepperoni pizza $23.00
Seafood Marinara pizza $26.00
Hawaiian Pizza $23.00

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